Safety and Occupational Health Specialist

Major Duties include, but are not limited to, the following


  • Participate as a member of an inspection team led by a higher-graded specialist and assist in the planning of and/or conduct a limited segment of a major investigation or a small investigation where the exposure and type of hazard and unsafe working conditions is predictable in advance.
  • Researches and studies records and files covering mishaps, injuries, and equipment maintenance data.
  • Audits employer occupational safety and health injury records, safety plans, and program documentation.
  • Assists in the documentation of conducted portions of investigations to help support a legally sufficient case. Takes photographs and videos of apparent violations of occupational safety and health standards.
  • Assists in preparing for opening and closing conferences and outreach activities. Responds to requests for information on OSHA policies, regulations, and programs.


  • Assists in conducting and/or participates in opening and closing conferences with management officials, employees, and employee representatives reviewing hazards or unsafe working conditions 
  • Conducts specific (targeted) outreach activities and provides information on OSHA legislation, regulations, and compliance activities to a variety of different audiences.
  • Assists in planning and conducting portions or limited inspections or compliance reviews in establishments and worksites.
  • Assists in conducting monitoring and evaluation by analyzing select portions of plan changes, programs, procedures, inspections, citations, and reports to determine compliance with approved occupational safety standards and programs.

For GS-11

  • Conducts occupational safety and health inspections within a variety of agricultural, construction, general industry, and maritime business establishments to ensure employer compliance with federal OSHA standards.
  • Conducts investigations involving one or more fatalities, injuries, serious accidents, or other unsafe conditions.
  • Prepares for inspections to become familiar with work processes, operations, and standards applicable to the workplace to be inspected.
  • Conducts opening conferences with management officials and employee representatives concerning the nature and purpose of the inspection, the procedures which will be followed, and employee discrimination rights.
  • Participates in Agency efforts to obtain warrants and to subpoena witnesses and documents, if necessary.
  • Analyses injury and illness data and reviews establishments’ occupational safety and health programs.

For GS-12

  • Conducts closing conferences with management officials and employee representatives.  Discusses proposed citations for OSHA standards that have been allegedly violated, abatement dates, and employer and employee rights and responsibilities
  • Processes inspections utilizing the OSHA Information System. 
  • Proposes fiscal penalties.
  • Assists agency attorneys in the preparation of contested cases for hearing before administrative law judges; testifies under examinations conducted by attorneys representing the agency and the employer.
  • Provides technical assistance to employers, employees, labor organizations and business associations to achieve safe and healthy working environments.
  • Provides training to new employees and peers.
  • Conducts interviews, reviews documents, and researches various sources of information such as equipment manuals, consensus standards, interpretations of standards, court decisions.
  • Identifies violations and hazards, and recommends abatement methods common to the work processes and operations.
  • Documents inspections to support a legally sufficient case.