About The Mentorship Program

ASSP Snake River Chapter has instituted a Mentorship Program as a service to its members and prospective members. Mentorship is one of the best ways for professionals of all experience levels to gain perspective and hone skills while developing long lasting friendships and business relationships.

The Mentorship Program seeks to provide professionals throughout the Treasure Valley region with various avenues to engage in mentorship and other forms of knowledge/experience sharing. The program is open to all professionals in the region regardless of ASSP membership status.

Ways To Engage

1) Web Based Mentorship Calls

Monthly calls where one mentor leads a discussion with several mentees/attendees on a web call.


In these calls, a host mentor will tell of the path they followed to get into their role. During the call they will outline the steps they took along the way that they feel were critical, revisit some hard lessons that they learned (and that you may learn from), and then open up the line for questions from others on the call.


You can gain a lot of knowledge in learning about the path of another professional. What you learn of their journey can help you in your own. In addition, these calls give you a great chance to simply learn who else is in the region (since not everyone can make it to in person meetings).


Check out the calendar of speakers and register for the calls that you want to join. Then just add the event to your calendar and join in at the time of the call.


Let us know that you want to present! Click here to submit the interest form.

2) Small Group Mentorship Meetings (runs quarterly starting in spring 2019)

One mentor meets with 5-10 mentees at a local venue. Meetings will be every other week or so.


Small groups will each last a quarter (3 months) so that groups can be refreshed regularly while still allowing enough time for everyone to get value out of this mentorship track. Participants are encouraged to try a new small group every quarter.


These small group meetings are a great way to both learn from a mentor as well as network with other professionals in the region. Each mentor will have their own style and approach to how they run the meetings, so it will be worthwhile to try a new mentor every quarter.


3) One-on-One Mentorship

One mentor meets with one mentee at a time. It is a great way to take the mentorship experience to a deeper level and over a longer period of time (in some instances a lifetime!).


A mentee and mentor who have found synergy through small group interactions, by being paired up by the Mentorship committee, or who have otherwise come together will connect on a regular basis throughout the course of the mentee’s career (usually monthly or quarterly). These 1:1 mentorship relationships are expected to be long term.


Having a more experienced mentor can be invaluable to your career and life. Typically, a mentee can expect to gain a clear(er) path for their career growth through the advice, guidance, and perspective offered from their mentor. In addition, mentors will often serve as one of the best references and advocates to help grow your career.


Serving as a mentor for a professional who is coming up behind you is a highly rewarding experience. Through the mentorship process you will gain your own sense of clarity in your own career, will often learn of new approaches and tools from your mentee(s), and will elevate your position and reputation. Being a mentor is a win/win for both you and your mentee(s). It is encouraged that everyone who has more than 5 years experience in the field serve as a mentor and seek mentees.


Let the mentorship committee know of your interest in being a mentor and/or mentee by filling in the form at the respective link. The committee will do their best to match you up with a mentor or mentee that seems to align from a professional and personality basis.

  • NOTE: You may also form your own mentorship relationships as you meet other professionals in the field at meetings, through the small groups, or elsewhere. We’d love to hear about this when you do connect! Shoot us a note at to keep us in the loop.

4) Mentorship Panel Discussions (quarterly)

Quarterly in person meetings where a panel of mentors discuss their experience and answer questions from the group.


A panel of 3-5 mentors will provide insights and answer questions for a group of attendees at an in person event.


The mentorship panel discussion is a great way to learn from several mentors all at once. It’s also a great way to learn of a mentor’s style and personality so that you can decide who you would like to join with for a small group or 1:1 mentorship.


Check out the calendar for Panel Discussion events and register for the ones that you wish to attend.

If you have any questions about the Snake River Chapter Mentor Program, please contact